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High-Performance Parts for Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

Speed And Science offers the absolute best performance parts for Harley-Davidson Shovelhead, PanShovel, Evolution and Twin Cam motorcycles. The Speed and Science range are truly breathtakingly exceptional Billet Artwork that is not just incredible visually but are 100% designed for maximum Performance. Billet Heads and Intake Manifolds are perfectly flowed and designed to maximise torque and power delivery with a specialised chamber and port design like no other on the market, from extensive years of testing and design to make perfection. The Shovelhead designs are available in full top-end kits, with Billet Barrels, Heads, Rocker Boxes and Intake manifold. Single or Dual runner manifolds for various carburation. The Others are Top end only at this stage but always adding more and more options as created. Available to Bolt onto either standard or big bore applications.

All proudly designed and manufactured on the Canada’s West Coast. Who? The Mad Scientist TEAM: The mad scientists behind the Speed And Science “drafting table” are always coming up with more and more insane wild ideas. The Programming Dept Team who overlooks the G-Code part of things right through to the CNC setup gurus, converting blocks of aluminium into an intricate cool looking performance metal sculptures. The Connoisseurs who have boarded the crazy train are genuine mad scientists. Where it came from? Motorcycles are a powerful passion even an Addiction, and rightly so.

Now, if such power can be transferred into one’s work, extraordinary things will start happening. Speed And Science is a direct result of our lifelong obsession with motorcycles. When? We’ve been talking about this forever, but things became serious back in 2014 when the first iterations of 3D CAD models were drawn for the OEM Bore Shovelhead headset (the initial item in our line of products). Why? We do it because we can. And for as long as we keep our “outside-of-the-box” attitude, we’ll keep adding more awesomeness to the product line. Stay tuned! Custom Motorcycle Addiction Proudly distributes all Speed and Science range of products in Australia.

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