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A Legacy of Excellence in Motorcycle Performance

In Australia, Custom Motorcycle Addiction proudly serves as the exclusive partner for Schnitz Racing. This partnership ensures that Australian riders receive the highest level of service and support, tailored specifically to their needs. Custom Motorcycle Addiction is dedicated to bringing the best of Schnitz Racing’s offerings to the Australian market, helping riders unleash the full potential of their bikes.

Established in 1980 by Dave Schnitz in a modest 20×30 sq/ft garage in Decatur, IN, Schnitz Racing has evolved into a global leader in the motorcycle performance industry. What began as a passion project has transformed into a thriving enterprise, driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a deep love for motorcycles.

Expanding Horizons: Over the years, Schnitz Racing has grown its product offerings to include over 10,000 high-quality items, catering to riders of all makes and models. From performance parts to accessories, we strive to provide enthusiasts with the tools and resources they need to enhance their riding experience.

Family-Owned Values: Despite our significant growth and success, Schnitz Racing remains a family-owned and operated business at heart. We understand the importance of personalised service and a strong sense of community within the motorcycle world. We take pride in offering exceptional customer support and building lasting relationships with riders worldwide.

Global Reach: Today, Schnitz Racing serves customers in over 40 countries, shipping our products worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned racer, a weekend warrior, or a passionate rider looking to upgrade your machine, Schnitz Racing is here to support you every step of the way.

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