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JP Brakes has revolutionised brake piston design with their innovative and patented technology, unlike anything seen before in racing. With our hashtag #WhatBrakeFade, JP Brakes constantly introduces new products and designs to eliminate brake fade and extend the lifespan of brake pads and components. We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our own brake caliper design. Follow us on social media for updates.

Custom Motorcycle Addiction is also proud to partner with Vesrah Racing Brake Pads from Japan, bringing the finest quality racing pads to Australia. These pads perfectly complement our innovative JP Brakes V3 Titanium Pistons and TSI inserts. If you’re a motorcycle racer or team, we offer the ideal brake package for you. While any pad brand can be used, Vesrah pads are our top recommendation for quality and performance.

Our JP Brakes Titanium Pistons feature many unique patented elements, setting them apart from any other brand. Here’s a brief overview of their benefits:

  • Contact Patch: Standard OEM pistons have full diameter contact with brake pads, transferring excessive heat into the brake fluid. Our V3 Titanium Pistons reduce this contact by about 70%, minimising heat transfer and eliminating brake fade.

  • Heat Dissipation: Unlike OEM pistons with full contact, JPB pistons have internal radial cooling fins and castellations that significantly increase surface area, allowing heat to dissipate efficiently and keeping the brakes cool and consistent.

  • Surface Finish: JP Brakes uses a burnishing process to create a hardened, glass-smooth surface, reducing piston drag and ensuring effortless movement within the caliper. This surface is then treated with a Nitron coating for ultimate protection.

  • Rear End: Our reverse domed cavity design ensures the pistons move centrally, promoting even pad wear and reducing binding issues.

If you are a race rider or team seeking the best braking performance, contact us to experience the difference with JP Brakes Titanium Pistons or TSI Inserts. Outperform your competition with cooler running brakes and save on brake pads and rotors. Reach out to us and ensure you have the edge on the track.

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