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Custom Motorcycle Addiction is proud to be the Australian partner for this remarkable brand. We carry DK Customs’ Innovative External Breather System Catch Can for Harley Twin Cam & M8 models or any custom application. DK Customs’ Catch Can is available in black or machine finish, complete with a refresh service kit and hose finish clamps. You can easily create your own external breathing system using our catch cans with rubber or braided hose and mount it wherever suits your needs. While complete kits are available, we stock the cans and refresh kits separately so you can customize them to fit your specific application.

An External Breather System (EBS) is highly recommended for any Air Cleaner System. This ensures that only clean, cool, oxygen-rich air enters the air cleaner and engine, enhancing performance and extending engine life. Oil in the intake can lead to significant issues such as burnt oil carbon deposits on valves and pistons, which can cause engine damage, power loss, shorter engine life, hard starting, and poor fuel economy. Remove this debris from the intake and capture it in a purpose-built, cleanable billet catch can that not only performs flawlessly but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your setup. The catch can is finely crafted and designed to be easily cleaned, making it our preferred choice.

DK Customs offers a wide range of custom parts. Contact us for any DK Customs needs in Australia and discover our extensive selection of high-quality products.

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