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Award-Winning Lightweight Carbon Fiber Wheels For Motorcycles

In the world of high-performance vehicles, where every ounce counts, Blackstone Tek (BST) emerged as a revolutionary force. Renowned for their award-winning carbon fiber wheels, BST transformed the industry, captivating the hearts of champions, enthusiasts, and leading manufacturers worldwide.

Their journey began with a relentless pursuit of perfection. For decades, BST honed their craft, meticulously crafting lightweight carbon fiber wheels that were up to 60% lighter than traditional options. This innovation wasn’t just about aesthetics; it unlocked a new level of performance, offering superior handling, braking, and acceleration. It was akin to a significant engine upgrade, but without the added weight.

BST’s dedication to quality extended beyond mere performance. They subjected their wheels to the most rigorous testing, ensuring they met the highest international safety standards. This unwavering commitment to safety, coupled with the exceptional strength of carbon fiber (13 times stronger than aluminum), instilled confidence in riders and drivers alike.

But BST wasn’t content with just pushing boundaries; they redefined them. They unveiled the world’s first and only 100% carbon fiber automotive wheel, a testament to their pioneering spirit. Their wheels weren’t just functional marvels; they were sleek and futuristic, boasting an undeniable aesthetic appeal that turned heads wherever they went.

The story of BST is a testament to the power of innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. They not only changed the wheel game, they redefined the very notion of what a wheel could be. We work closely with others around the globe also, so we in some cases may access their stock if available. Teamwork makes the wheels turn. We also additionally offer package deals with our CeraCarbon Racing Sprockets and Ceramic Coating by our Clean Ride Team in Brisbne and Perth WA, for protecting your investment prior to delivery so you just bolt on and enjoy and clean easily. Custom Motorcycle Addiction for carbon fiber wheels in Australia. Distinctly the BeST

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